Northtown Technology Park (NTP) is a public institution established in 2002 by Vilnius city municipality and the Ministry of Economy to support the redevelopment of the urban area by concentrating skills and knowledge for stimulating economic, social and environmentally friendly life in the area.
NTP, as a part of the Lithuania innovation infrastructure, has a direct connection with corporate innovations. NTP not only provides innovation support services, but also contributes to innovation promotion and development in regions. NTP collaborates with innovative, viable enterprises and public sector.
Implementing innovation policy in Lithuania, NTP contributes to achievement of sustainable development goals in economic, social and environmental areas of the country.
NTP stimulates innovative sally of companies by allowing to consult on law, finance, management, sales, marketing and other issues useful to small and medium size business. “Northtown” business clubs, meetings and seminars are constantly organized for the business community. During the period of 10 years NTP has trained over 200 young people, incubated more than 50 technological start-ups and provided premises for more than 100 of SMEs and non-profit organizations, implemented more than 20 different project in various fields. During the recent years NTP has extended the contacts internationally aiming to contribute to international careers of startups and helping those from under-privileged backgrounds. NTP periodically initiates various national and international projects thereby contributing to the entrepreneurship development on the national and regional level, accelerating improvement of business environment.

Cultural Labor Social Cooperative Kulturális LABOR Szociális Szövetkezet / Cultural Lab Social Cooperative (Labor) is a melting pot of creative power and will, which have appeared in Pécs, Hungary and its region since 2006. Labor is like a virtual castle of independent cultural creations, contact capital and community initiatives. It is an open group of civil associations and individuals seeking a community, who collaborate in the form of a social cooperative, with an ever growing number of members. Mission of Labor is: at our open creative team we aim at creating a community spirit via encouraging individual self-expression. Our mission is to find unique ways of improving the creative industry and urban development based on the aspects of sustainable development. Our organization deals with the employment and rehabilitation of disabled individuals in the spirit of equal opportunities. We believe in the cohesion of art and society. We create a firm basis to all this by creating unique products, being involved in socio-cultural events as well as by creating cultural community spaces and managing their ecological, efficient and sustainable operation. Activities of Labor include: organising workshops in cultural, artistic and society development topics; training of unemployed and disabled jobseekers; organising programmes – artistic, cultural and environmental; operating a media workshop; Sustainable and eco-friendly planning, creation and management of co-working areas and community spaces.

NBC – Nordic Business Council The organisation is a non-governmental entity that has several members today, but strives to recruit more people who would support the cause. All of the founders of the organisation have a vast experience in similar areas that all are connected to sustainability (sustainable development, waste management, food industry, social projects), all have project coordination skills too. The organisation is relatively new and just starting it´s activities. The main focus is towards sustainable development: exchange of experience and accumulated knowledge in Norway as well as enforcement of environmentally friendly solutions. Norway is highly advanced country regarding environmental issues, solutions and technology. Sustainable development has been and is a priority in both governmental and private level. Our organization would like to convey the information and knowledge in this sector and spread it to other countries and continents, share it with other organizations and companies.


Hommes & Savoirs” is a training institution created in 1989 under status association (CRIS) which evolved in 2000 towards a company of employee shareholding (S.A.S). Working first and foremost on the requalification of the job-seekers, we developed an expertise in the administrative, commercial sectors, the tourism and the assistance to the person.
Centered approach by employment areas, “Hommes & Savoirs” work with many external partners that allows us to have a regional activity area.
Twelve trainers compose the permanent team of the body. All the collaborators of the body have a double skill, business expertise and trainer’s qualification.
This team is distributed on various poles, making up of project groups to answer the requested skills of the professional sectors jobs of the trade market, tourism, assistance to older people, corporate services.
Hommes & Savoirs” work with the long-term job-seekers on programs piloted by the State since 1989 and by the region since 2004, also assist specific populations such as disabled workers or persons under hand of justice, manage in parallel actions of development of the skills of the employees. Since 2010 “Hommes & Savoirs” have experience in environmental planning, eco educational training, management of energy flows, energy and resource management, green office culture and environmental training.”

Wojewódzki Urząd Pracy w Katowicach

“Established in 2000, the Voivodeship Labour Office in Katowice is an organizational unit of the local authorities of the Silesian Voivodeship. Its responsibilities are concerned with developing labour market policy as well as initiating and supporting activities promoting and stimulating development of the labour market in the Silesian Voivodeship. The key mission of the Voivodeship Labour Office is to promote employment, reduce unemployment effects and stimulate job activation aiming to reach a high rate of employment, human resources development, high quality of work as well as to foster social inclusion. VLO tasks and objectives include, among others, the organisation of employment placements abroad, provision of vocational guidance and vocational information, promotion of entrepreneurship, obtaining funds and pursuing projects under European Union programmes, development of a regional plan of action for employment, division of the Labour Fund resources, implementation of the European Social Fund within the Silesian Voivodeship, as well as performing various analyses regarding the regional labour market.
VLO in Katowice cooperates in the area of the Silesian Voivodeship with the local labour offices within the scope of organisation of trainings, apprenticeship for adults and work practice, through, for instance: conducting a social dialogue within the scope of employment policy and lifelong learning, promotion of the idea of lifelong learning and dissemination of good practices within the scope of organisation of trainings, apprenticeship for adults and work practice.
The Office has got broad experience in the implementation of different projects in the framework of the European Programmes.”

Praxis GmbH “Praxis GmbH is working in the region of Marburg since 1989, and offers trainings, workplaces and support for long-term unemployed people. The staff contains 60 instructors and pedagogues, who work in about 30 different projects with about 1000 participants per year. Praxis GmbH is member of the Network of the association for non-profit organisations in the field of qualification and employment with about 50 members, most of them running secondhand warehouses, recycling enterprises or other environmental projects.
Since our foundation we have been providing many different qualification and coaching offers, mainly for unemployed people and, thus, giving them better chances of integration into the labour market. Praxis GmbH cooperates continuously with profit and non-profit organisations in developing jobs and trainings for unemployed people with poor formal skills. We will implement the ideas from the project in this process.
Praxis GmbH is also member of the European Network Réseau Européen pour I’INsertion Sociale et Professionnelle des Personnes Défavorisées (REIN) with members in most European countries and will use the contacts for dissemination in Europe. A clean environment, waste prevention, environmental protection and intact leisure facilities are objectives that are implemented through the activities of this organisation. On behalf of the city of Marburg and other municipalities, the department has carried out checks and consultations on waste separation since 2003. Generally speaking, Praxis GmbH has sufficient experience conducting training regarding environmental protection measures thus not only ensuring employment but also raising awareness on waste prevention and eco-lifestyle promotion.